Operating Budgets

The Town of Coupeville’s formal budget process begins in September with discussion of the budget policies and preparation of documents for all departments.   Each department head prepares requests for the year based on Council priorities, goals, objectives and fiscal considerations.  During this time the Clerk-Treasurer develops and updates revenue estimates for the coming year.  The Clerk-Treasurer consolidates the department requests and revenue projections and presents the proposed budget to the Mayor in early October.

The Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer meet to review the specific requests of the departments and prepare a preliminary budget.   The Mayor files the preliminary budget and budget message with the Council and Clerk-Treasurer at the beginning of October.  The balanced preliminary budget is presented to the Town Council and public by the first meeting of November. The Mayor, Council, and department heads analyze the preliminary budget in the next couple of weeks, and a Public Hearing is held at the last Council meeting in November. Public comment on the budget is welcomed at the public hearing. Before the end of the year the Town Council by a majority of members, then adopts the final Operating Budget by ordinance, effective January 1.

2023 Approved Annual Budget

2022 Approved Annual Budget

2021 Operating Budget

2020 Operating Budget

2019 Operating BudgetOrd 754 – 2019 Budget Amendment

2018 Operating Budget

2017 Operating Budget – Amended May 9, 2017

2017 Operating Budget

2016 Operating Budget

2015 Operating Budget

2014 Operating Budget

2013 Operating Budget

2012 Operating Budget

2011 Operating Budget

2010 Operating Budget

2009 Operating Budget

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