The Town is well served by a staff dedicated to doing more than preserving the status quo.  They look for ways to do the work better, more efficiently, to honor the interests of the entire community.  We are all committed to making decisions that not only seem correct now, but which will stand the test of time and still look good in twenty, thirty or forty years.


The finance department is managed by the Clerk-Treasurer, with the assistance of the Fiscal Clerk and Utility Clerk.

The Town’s resources are accounted for in different funds, the largest of which are the General Fund, Street Fund, Water Fund and Sewer Fund.  Funds to run the basic Town functions (General Fund) come from a variety of sources, including property tax, sales tax, utility tax, permits, grants, state entitlements, fines and interest.  General Fund expenses cover police, planning, building inspections, public works, parks, finance, administration and municipal court costs.

One of the oldest functions of municipal government, the Town Clerk designation is worn by the Clerk/Treasurer.  The Clerk is responsible for maintaining the entire recorded history of the town; preparing council agendas and minutes; managing the records of the town; reporting on the receipts and expenditures and fund balances of the town; and preparing the annual reports of the town.

Planning & Building

The Planning Director is responsible for the planning and building functions of Town government, including administering policies and regulations governing use of and construction on private property.  This includes zoning, subdivision, signs, design review, environmental management, shorelines, plan checking and building inspection, in addition to longer term projects such as the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, park planning, and historic preservation.  In addition, staff works closely with three boards and commissions – the Planning Commission, Design Review Board and Parks and Recreation Commission – providing support in their respective areas of responsibility.

Public Works

The Public Works Superintendent, along with four full-time staff members and one seasonal employee, is responsible for maintaining 11.93 acres of parks; 6,396 feet of trails/walkways; 27 miles of water distribution lines; over 10 miles of sewer mains; and over 7 miles of ditches, culverts, and storm water pipes.


The Utility Superintendent, with the support of two full-time staff members, is responsible for operations and maintenance of  11 wells, 2 reservoirs (500,000 gallons each), and the sewage treatment plant. In addition, the department is responsible for maintenance of the outfalls and regulatory testing.

For questions about your utility statement, please contact the Utility Clerk at (360) 678-4461 ext. 106, or send your email to

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