Trust Board for Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve


Meets 2nd Tuesday at Ebey’s Reserve Office, and every 4th Tuesday at the Coupeville Library, 4:00 p.m.

Administration and management of the Reserve is the responsibility of the Trust Board of Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve, which was created by a cooperative planning process between the National Park Service, Washington State Parks, Island County and the Town of Coupeville. The board includes seven residents, three are appointed by the Town of Coupeville,  four are appointed by Island County; as well as a representative of Washington State Parks, and a representative from the National Park Service. Trust Board members appointed by the town and county serve as volunteers, and have four-year appointments which are staggered to ensure continuity on the board.

Working closely with the partners, the Trust Board promotes sound preservation practices and serves as an advocate for the rich and diverse natural and cultural resources found throughout the Reserve.

1. Sally Garratt Coupeville 10/1/2022
2. Lisa Bernhardt Coupeville 10/1/2024
3. Andrew Ziehl Coupeville 10/1/2024
4. Vacant County 10/1/2023
5. Vacant County 10/1/2023
6. Alan Hancock County 10/1/2024
7. Vacant County 10/1/2021
8. Chris Holm WA State Parks Rep 360-678-4519
9. David Louter National Park Service Rep 206-220-4137

Images on this page graciously provided by Denis Hill.