Sewer Utility


The Town provides wastewater treatment services to 655 in-town customers through a system that includes over 10 miles of collection pipe, two pump lift stations, and a treatment plant providing secondary treatment.  The Town sold 8 new sewer hookups in 2002, and 21 in 2003.

Construction for phase 1 of the expansion and upgrade of the Town’s Wastewater Treatment Plant started on November 4, 2001 and was completed in August of 2002.


A second 35’ diameter secondary clarifier was the largest and most complex component of the Phase 1 upgrade.  Other components include a new standby generator, splitter box, larger effluent pumps, and associated piping and control panels.  Modifications were made to existing structures such as the Effluent Tower, Secondary Clarifier, Sludge Pump Vault, Aerobic Digester, and the Operations Building.  Phase II of the Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade is planned to begin in 2004 and end in 2005.  This phase will include a second oxidation ditch, an aerator in the splitter box, and ultra violet disinfection that will replace the present chlorine disinfection system.

There were two short extensions made to the Town’s sewer mains.  A 260’ extension to the west end of NW Seventh Street and 100’ extension on the south side of NE Sixth Street between NE Gould and NE Otis Streets.

There were repairs made to the wastewater collection system that are having a positive impact on the system’s I & I (infiltration and inflow).  Open sewer clean-outs on NE Leach Street and near the intersection of NW Sixth and NW Krueger Streets were capped.  Smoke tests were performed leading to repairs of sewer laterals along NW Sixth Street and NW Otis Street.

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