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Coupeville Town Code Section 5.34 defines Special Events as any event which is to be conducted on public property or on a public rights-of-way; and, also, any event held on private property which would have a direct significant impact on traffic congestion; or traffic flow to and from the event over public streets or rights-of-way; or which would significantly impact public streets or rights-of-way near the event; or which would significantly impact the need for town-provided emergency services, such as police, fire or medical aid. It is presumed that any event on private property which involves an open invitation to the public to attend or events where the attendance is by private invitation of one hundred (100) or more people are each presumed to be an event that will have a direct significant impact on the public streets, rights-of-way or emergency services. Special events might include, but are not limited to, fun runs, roadway foot races, fundraising walks, auctions, bike-a-thons, parades, carnivals, shows, or inhabitations, filming/movie events, circuses, block parties and fairs.

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