How To Contact Us

Town of Coupeville
4 NE Seventh Street
P.O. Box 725
Coupeville, WA 98239
(360) 678-4461

Hours: 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Monday through Thursday

Town Staff Directory & Contact Information

Shawn Warwick, Town Marshal Molly Hughes, Mayor
Ext 101 • Ext 102 •
Questions about law enforcement issues General questions, community issues
Allison Gubata, Utility Clerk Donna Keeler, Planning Director
Ext 106 • Ext 103 •
Questions about utility bills Questions about land use design review
Kelly Riepma, Public Works Superintendent Scott Austin, Building Official
Ext 110 • Ext 108 •
Questions about parks, streets, water lines, storm water issues. Questions about building permits, building codes, inspections, plan review
* for Rec Hall or Town Park Pavilion info: contact Fiscal Clerk Ext 105  
Joe Grogan, Utility Superintendent Toni Payne, Fiscal Clerk
Ext 113 •  Ext 105 •
Questions about water quality, sewer issues, water and sewer plant operations Questions about accounts payable/accounts receivable. Rec Hall and Pavilion reservations.
Kelly Beech, Clerk Treasurer Patty Shults, Assistant Planner

Ext 107 •

Questions about meetings, budget and finance, public records

Ext 104•

Questions about Design Review, COA applications, Town Code.



If you have a utility emergency after hours, a staff member is called from home. The Town does not have someone on staff 24/7. The Public Works and Utility staff are happy to help in an emergency. Examples of emergencies are:  sewer backups in your home, broken water pipes inside your home and you don’t have a water shut-off in the house, or water surfacing outside and causing property damage.

Examples that are NOT emergencies are: a drippy outdoor faucet, a drippy indoor faucet, or your plumber or landscaper wants the water turned off for repairs. For these situations, contact the Town during normal business hours.

If you do have an emergency, call 911 or non-emergency dispatch (ICOM) at (360) 679-9567. A dispatcher will put you in touch with a staff member who will ascertain the problem and come in to fix it if necessary. Please, NEVER turn the water on or off yourself from inside the meter box; it is illegal to do so as meters are public property. Meters can be easily broken and are expensive to repair.


Images on this page graciously provided by Denis Hill.