2022 RFP Qualified System Integrator Firms: SCADA


  • RFP mentions “upgrades on eight network sites”.  Which sites and can you explain the extent of what these upgrades should entail as far as you know and are concerned?  Can we get existing site and panel drawings for the 8 sites?
    • Not at this time
  • Is the RFP intended to be a design only or as a design and build?  If design and build are there any specifications for what the scope of work is expected to be and what the material specifications are to be?
    • The RFP is for qualifications
  • In addition to the 8 sites are you expecting/wanting an addition of a new or upgraded SCADA system?
    • Yes
  • How is your cell service at all sites?
    •  Cell study has been completed
  • Is cellular telemetry the goal/hope on this upgrade?  Which carrier has the best cellular coverage at all your sites as far as you know? 
    • Verizon
  • Or are you wanting to stay with free radios but maybe the newer better versions?  Would a combination of technologies be acceptable? This may be the best way to deal with radios working well in one area and not in the other and the same with cellular modems.  You will have reoccurring monthly costs with cellular modems but if you are able to stay with free unlicensed radios you will not.  But I am thinking you are not happy with the radios as they are now from what I recall.
    • Unknown
  • Which PLC’s are currently being utilized by Coupeville?
    • Allen-Bradley 1756- ControlLogix®
  • Which SCADA Platform do you use?
    • Maple Systems
  • We would like to know if you have a preference for how many hard copies you’d like us to send. Will you please let me know at your earliest convenience?
    • One copy will be fine.


The Town of Coupeville is accepting qualification proposals from System integrator firms for the Towns SCADA upgrade on eight network sites.

The Town of Coupeville’s Water and Wastewater facilities have been modified and maintained by several different integrators over the years. Each firm implemented a different design standard and currently the sites throughout the system consist of a varied mix of technologies and hardware. The Town would like to transition the remaining sites to the new Allen-Bradley cellular network SCADA system.

If you have any questions concerning this RFP please feel free to contact Joe Grogan, Utility Superintendent at utilities1@townofcoupeville.org.

PDF of the TOC Request for Proposals From Qualified System Integrator Firms