2021 Cistern Demolition and Parking Lot Construction

Bidder Questions and Answers:

Q: I missed the pre-bid meeting, is it possible to see inside the cistern if I drive to the site or do I need to make appointment to have someone meet there?

A: I’m sorry you missed the pre-bid meeting.  Unfortunately we can not schedule appointments to meet on site but am happy to answer any questions you may have about the project via email.  All questions are posted on the Town’s website so all potential bidders can see asked questions. 

Q: Have you considered crushing some of the concrete debris on-site to use for the aggregate for the parking lot?  The amount of aggregate needed for the parking lot is much less than the volume being demolished.  The excess concrete could be crushed to make a thicker pavement section or be made available to Public Works for use elsewhere.

A: In response to your question about leaving concrete on site, per the scope of work in the ITB, the hope is that all the material will remain on site.  In the event that it cannot, a line item was created in the bid document to show what the cost for removal would be. 

Q: Is there an Engineer’s Estimate established yet for this project?

A: Not at this time Laura. 

Q: How thick is the concrete?

A: The (exact) thickness of the concrete is unknown.  It’s estimated at about 12” thick. 

Q: Engineers estimate $ ?

A: We do not have an engineers estimate for this project.

Q: Do you have some where for the demolition debris to go?

A: It’s anticipated that the debris will remain on site in the form of 2 berms shown on the site plan.

Q: How thick is the concrete?

A: Unknown. Estimating about 12”

Q: Where are the 3 water main abandonments located?

A: In the existing parking lot

Q: What material are the water mains made of?

A: Old as-builts indicate 8” ductile iron and 8” PVC

Q: Can the rubble be left on site?

A: The plan is to keep as much fill on site in the 2 berm locations. Some “trash” or other non-concrete materials may need to be hauled off site.

Q: Isn’t the County’s requirement for a culvert 30′?

A: The drawings show a 20’ access culvert. The County’s requirement is 30’ but the WCLT would like 40’.