Water Utility


The Town provides water service to customers through 11.6 miles of water mains within town and through 13.2 miles of water mains located out of town. The operating permit for the system is based on the ability to supply a peak flow of 506,190 gallons.

Water for the Town comes from two well fields, the in-town well field and the Fort Casey well field. The 4 wells within the town limits, of which 2 are used only as emergency backup, make up the in-town well field. In-town wells 4 and 7 produce 210gpm each. There are 5 active wells at the Fort Casey well field producing a total of nearly 100gpm. Water production at the Fort Casey well field was 74% of the Town’s total water during 2003 while the in-town well field produced 26%.

The Town’s goal is to further increase the percentage of water supply coming from the Fort Casey well field. Fort Casey’s water supply is priority 1. In-town wells 4 and 7 come on line when the water level at Sunset Reservoir drops to priority 2. Presently, under normal conditions, priority 2 occurs about every other day in the summer.

The Town sold 6 new water hookups in 2002. 3 of the hookups were sold to one customer for a single building complex. 22 new water hookups were sold in 2003 of which 11 were sold to one customer for an 11 lot plat. This leaves the Town with a remaining capacity for 112.5 hookups under its current operating permit with the Washington State Department of Health. In addition, the Town retains reserve capacity for projected peak demand requirements and meeting future demands for unused water rights to the system.

In recent years the Town replaced in-town Well 5 with a new well (Well 7) and rehabilitated in-town Well 4. As Washington State Department of Health requires a 24-hour constant-rate test for all new well sources, the Town’s utility crew along with the assistance of a hydrogeologist, performed this test during October 2002.

A pump was installed in the Town’s newest well, Well 1-90, at the northeast corner of the Fort Casey well field. The Town’s Maintenance Crew improved the road to Well 1-90 and laid power cables and piping to it and future well locations. The well was put on line in September 2003.

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2017 Water Report

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