2022 Water Use Survey

This questionnaire is required by Coupeville Town Code (CTC 13.08.140) and Washington State Law (WAC 246-290-490), through the Washington State Department of Health.  Its purpose is to prevent your water from being inadvertently contaminated by potential cross- connection problems. Please complete the survey linked below (5 questions) by May 30, 2022. Your cooperation will reduce the potential for accidental contamination to our water system. Failure or refusal to complete and return the questionnaire may result in a determination of the existence of a high health hazard and action will be required. 

Link to Survey

A cross-connection is when the public water system’s line comes in contact with the customer’s lines in such a way that could allow contaminates from the customer to flow backwards, or be back-siphoned into the public water system. A good example of how this can happen is if someone is using an attachment on their garden hose to apply chemicals to their lawn. While doing so, a main water line break or heavy use from a nearby fire hydrant could create a “negative water pressure event” (vacuum effect) that could result in the lawn chemicals ending up in the public water supply.

Another cross-connection risk can occur when a garden hose is used to clear a clogged drain or sewer line. The submerged hose can introduce sewage to the water supply during any negative water pressure event.

Luckily, you can prevent back flow from your outdoor hose spigot by installing a vacuum breaker. This device threads on between the water spigot and garden hose. During a negative pressure event, the vacuum breaker will prevent any back flow from entering the water supply. Vacuum breakers are not expensive, and can be found at hardware stores. For your own protection, as well as others, the Town recommends that all customers install a vacuum breaker on all outside water spigots.

Please contact Kelly Riepma (publicworks@townofcoupeville.org or 360.678.4461 ext. 110) if you have any questions.